Sm;tten Love Foundation

The Sm;tten Love Foundation

I provide Counselling and Support to people with Mental Health Disorders and victims of Physical, Mental, Social, Financial and Sexual Abuse.

Vision and Mission:
Raise awareness about Mental Health Disorders, Abuse and Gender Base Violence.
Educate the community about Mental Health Disorders, Abuse and Gender Based Violence.
Help break the stigmas surrounding Mental Health Disorders, Abuse and Gender Based Violence.

Sm;tten Love Foundation Merchandise
To help fund the foundation to do community work and give Pro-Bono Counselling and Support.

The Background Story:

The Founder
The Foundation was established in 2022 by Joanita Smit. Her passion for Mental Health and Abuse are fueled by personal experience as a sexually abused survivor and being diagnosed with mental health disorders. Her words and actions are her testimony that you can live a "normal" life even if you suffer from mental health disorders or been a victim of abuse.

The Name:
When it came to choosing a name for her foundation, she knew that it had to be something unique, personal and part of her passion. She is a true believer that love can conquer all and this had to be part of the name. The unique part is a combination of her surname and passion. She decided to use Smitten but replacing the i with a semicolon.
Why the semicolon?
It symbolize affirmation and solidarity against suicide "my story isn't over yet"

The Merchandise:
The Sm;tten Love Foundation Merchandise are providing financial support in order for her to do community work and provide Pro-Bono service. 
my life story
Who is Joanita Smit?

Please take 4 minutes out of your day to read my story. (11 August 2022) (11 August 2022)
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